The Circus Charivari Ensemble offers a combination of new circus and performative theater, presenting itself as a collection of living curiosities.

We implement the circus elements by combining classical performances with another medium, such as animal dressage with shadow play, improvisational acrobatics, clownery with art / music tutorials, a cannon woman from a Laterna Magica, Flea circus with adorably funny puppets and Lions played by acrobats in costumes! The result is a dadaistic, satirical version of the classic circus, where the frame story is the circus family.

Because nothing is more exotic than reality!

The Charivari family presents its collection of curiosities:
With the accompaniment of experimental music, the audience enters the circus tent to observe Jana Korb, aka Jana Charivari, the trapeze artist who lives her life above ground. Based on Kafka’s trapeze artist who is to never touch the ground again, she remains on her trapeze for the entirety of the show. Before her solo trapeze number begins, she occasionally interacts with the other Charivaris on stage, telling stories of the erotic composer exposed to women in artistry and whispers about patriarchal structures in the circus, while she changes her outfit in the air.

Blurring the boundaries between show and reality and drawing the audience into their world, The Circus Charivari Ensemble is a kind of reality circus in which everything is suddenly possible.

„We don’t do a show, we are the show.“

Every performance is accompanied by live music from the official Charivari Band. The show takes place on several stages and starts when you enter the area. The madness increases from the beginning of the show to the point of normality…. until in the end, where all performers appear as lions in a predator show.


Sideshows before and after the show

Dildo Racing, Giant Bubbles,The curiosity cabinet of Mme Charivari, Rattennetz, the Cunt lab temple of Queerness and Lust, Djangos flying portrait machine, Fireshows, Flea circus Zakapüs, le carrousel, Mottili Theater, Polirama, Pony Riding, Live printing workshops, Üpf Bourg, Freakomat, the unbelievable freak bike adventure, Tehran Carnival Laboratory, Oracle machine, Living Juke Box, The Global Sideshow, Shoot the freaks, Institut for occidentalism…