about us

The Circus Charivari Ensemble settles somewhere between new circus and performative theater and presents itself as a collection of living curiosities.

We use the classic circus elements such as animal dressage, acrobatic, clowning, death numbers and implement them with another medium, so the horse dressage is a shadow play, the acrobatics are created by chance, clowns are art teachers or violin players, the cannon woman comes from a laterna maika, the lions are in costume and the fleas are puppets.
The result is a dadaistic satirical version of the classic circus, where the frame story is the circus family.

 Accompanied by experimental life music, the audience enters the circus tent in which a trapeze artist sits on the trapeze and obviously lives there. Jana Korb aka Jana Charivari based on Kafka’s figure of the trapeze artist, who can never touch the ground again, will stay the whole show there, and interact with the other charivaris several times before showing her trapeze number. As she changes on the trapeze, she tells of the erotic composer exposed to women in artistry and whispers about patriarchal structures in the circus.

This immediately blurs the boundaries between show and reality and draws the audience into their own world, a kind of reality circus in which everything is suddenly possible.

„We don’t do a show, we are the show“ is the motto.

Because nothing is more exotic than reality. The Charivari family presents its collection of curiosities!

However, the show is never limited to one stage and always starts when you enter the area. So-called side shows show the protagonists of the Charivari family in their „home“ before the actual show begins in the tent.