It's mostly hard for artists to earn their staff of life. Anyway we don't want that money is the matter that keeps you from taking part. Talk to us, we will find a solution for motivated but poor participants.


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All workshops take place in Villa Kuriosum.



glove puppets - 22nd to 24th of august starting at 4pm

Old gloves become theater puppets appropriate the character of the glove. An old leather glove becomes a punk, a long gala glove becomes the diva and the latex glove becomes a ...
With foam plastic, textiles, paillettes, sequins, beer caps, safety needles and whatever you like the gloves become base for finger and hand puppets. In the miniature theater you can instantly develope and show your theater piece.
please bringscissors, sewing needles, pair of tongs, material, gloves and material, material, material
- with Beatrice, juggler & costume maker:


charivari's carousel - 18th to 1st of september from 12 to 6pm

From drawing to construction, mechanic, decoration, mask techniques and paintings: in several phases a very special carousel is going to be developed. The 2nd of september is grand carousel opening. It's up to you.
- with family charivari


stop-motion film - 25th aug. and 2nd sep from 4 to 6pm

Performance and group choreographies, integrating volunteers and passerbys, led by main character (Nadine O‘Garra) to reinvent the everyday life of this otherwise ordinary landscape. Captured in stop motion photography (photo by photo) to reflect on how the arrival of an unexpected character changes the routine of this place momentarily.
The video sequences will be projected to the audience the 2/09.
- with*Nadnat Productions*
Circus & Photography Collaboration Project (FR/SP):


*Domosapiens Circus Talleres*

wednesdays 22. & 29.08 | 15-17h | hula-hoop | 17-19h | clown
thursdays 23. & 30.08 | 15-17h | yoga | 17-19h | partner acrobatics
fridays 24. & 31.08 | 15-17h | tuch | 17-19h | musical saw
saturdays 25.08 & 1.09 | 14-17h | open training

from the age of 16 (Costs: 15,- €/session)
- with the Domosapiens from Barcelona


Basics of Stage Make-Up - 30th aug. from 6pm

bring out the stage diva in you!
How to use make-up, how to use artificial eyelashes, how to make the perfect eyelid line and why are well rouged eyebrows so important? There will be some make-up for try out but please bring any make-up you have, mainly basic make-up and mascara.

costs: 20,-€, eyelashes will be given
- with Beatrice, juggler & costume maker:


object manipulation - 29th and 30th aug from 5 to 7pm

"the living cup-board or the way to become a curiosity"
Bring a beloved thing or choose one from our curiosity collection and learn how to balance with it and to manipulate it.

costs: 15 - 30 € / 2 days
with *Anna Bösche*,  juggler:


Mime - 29th aug to 1st sep from 5 to 7pm

Expressing the nature through the body
breath dynamics, lines and points, nature elements, animals and bringing together

costs: 50 € / 4 days
with *Paradata*, mime group from Tehran:


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