We've worn our chromatic Urbanity glasses to look at ART through them . . . Manipulating the way in which people look at a wall, door, or any other public/urban element . . . using concrete, wood doors and public contexts/spaces as our canvas, and trying to make use of on-site and waste materials and contributing them a kind of afterlife . . . the ideology lies beneath each so called "piece" which emerges somehow spontaneously, derived from the synergy of inspirations from the environment + our attitude towards art as a kind of nonverbal form of communication . . . our attempt is to address a portion of society which doesn't have any passion for art -somehow caused by their Life World- and surprise them when they don't anticipate encounter of any artwork, and pushing them out of their surrounding sphere of ordinary daily passions/activities, even for a second -of course in addition to the other portion who is involved in art, and has passion for it !