19h *R28*Schwarzlichttheater -Zwischen Meer und Himmel -

Welcome to the black light theater! Let you guide in a fantasy world where butterflies, fishes, life and death meet each other. An artistic handicap from Unionshilfswerk Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

23 & 24/08 at 19h


20h *free little fish*

- by capitaine princesse poubelle - dance experimental, ca. 20 min


anja20:30h *cat with hat* - "Katzen träumen vielleicht von Tauben. Lieder von der Sehnsucht nach" (cats maybe dream of pigeons, songs dream of desire of)

Chant and performance according the Accordion of and with: Tanja Buttenborg & Anja Gessenhardt, ca. 40min.




21:30h *I love you Eddy* sarahgoody* eddi

A comedy that takes place in the air and on the ground. It's connecting air acrobatics, bollywood dance and puppet play in a show in which biblical and ancient myths of role allocation end up in intimate dynamics. (engl.) puppet & aerial - ca. 20 Min




22h *DOMOSAPIENS CIRCUS* - Der Affensekretär (ape secretary)

Circustheater & Madness
(for adults)

All or nothing, white and black, the cat and the dog. Everything mixes up domosapiens_circusin an absurd cloud in which the sure is not always the clear. A spectacle that combines various techniques as cyr wheel, hula-hoop or the scarf, which is all put into a tragical atmosphere with an unavoidable hint of humour.

El Secretario de los Monos (espectaculo de adultos)
Todo o nada, blanco y negro, el gato y el perro.
Todo se entremezcla en una nube absurda donde lo cierto no siempre es lo evidente.
Un espectaculo que combina tecnicas como rueda Cyr, hula hoop o telas excentricas, todo envuelto en un clima tragico pero con un inevitable toque de humor.

from Spain  16/23/30. august, at  22h00


23h *Schnur* - ChansonPunk from Berlin

good mood music for broken hearts

schnur_mon_amour_fmtenergetic stage show and the distinctive combination of german punk, chanson and a hint of 80's electro.  Singer and Songwriter Don Potter convinces on the stage by his emotional appearance and his never ending need for movement meanwhile B-Noir, the guitarist of the trio enchants us through his hypnotizing riff and his charme as real chansonnier. The mysterious cellist MissX fascinates with the dynamic of her bow. Instead of using conventional drums they prefer the elector sound of their old drum machine, which is lovingly called "Uschi Power".




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