Charivari Comfort Zone

every weekend from 18. of may  to 1. of september 2018

Circus Charivari is pleased to announce :


aimed at all artists in every branch and hybridization of the arts(visual, theatrical, musical, circus, etc.) as well as any crafted person and other factotum with the need to express towards the society we live in. The Charivari Circus invites you to participate in this years summer project called:

Comfort Zone.

It will take place in the area of the Villa Kuriosum, in Berlin, from may 17th to september 1st 2018. We will open the space every weekend to the public as a performed installation. We want to create an atmosphere to play, express, experiment, collaborate and have fun. There is space for installations, exhibition, performance and concerts, but also the need to help with the whole project by taking on staff responsibilities.

There will be possibilities for very basic accommodation and inside the opening times we´ll have catering for the crew. We can also help with visa-applications. If you´d like to participate, please send us:

  • a short description of who you are and what your practice field is
  • when and for how long you would like to come
  • how many people you are
  • what contribution you´d like to give to The Comfort Zone

Also, spread the word! Please pass this on to anyone who might like to be part of The Comfort Zone!

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more infos on the space:

 kulturinlichtenbergrot 300x159Das Projekt Charivari Kulturpark / Comfortzone wird 2018 durch den Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg gefördert, hier ein großes Danke!